'Steendrukkerij Aad Hekker' is a lithography studio. Litho prints can be made and printed under the technical supervision of a professional litho printer. But the Litho Studio Aad Hekker is more than just a producer of print runs it is also an artists' atelier with an emphasis on collaboration between the artist and the printer. Our motto is 1+1=3.

We work for various galleries and publishers in the Netherlands. In 2004 the Archaeopteryx Foundation was set up to work closely with, and be publisher to, the Aad Hekker Litho Studio. The Studio itself was established in 1983, and since this time has worked with many artists. The artists' workplace itself is in the converted former hayloft of a 300-year-old coach house in the historic centre of Amsterdam.

The Litho Studio has a double function as a gallery space: four times a year there is a show of work that has been produced in the Studio. Archaeopteryx also organises exhibitions of prints, which we never hold in the sterile silence of museums and galleries, but in easily accessible, more public, places.

The Litho Studio also plays an important role in supporting professional expertise. For over twenty years we have been running workshops and courses for artists and art students. Aad Hekker himself has worked for various artists'print studios and has also been a guest teacher at several art schools. He is the author of the (Dutch language) Vakboek van de Lithografie. Continue...
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